Lingering over the remembrance of the Passover, at a very special dinner

Lingering over the remembrance of the Passover, at a very special dinner

Todd EllisonApr 5, '20

Over the past several years, more and more Christians have been finding it meaningful to follow a Christ-centered Seder and “do it” on the evening at the end of Passover  If you'd like to do one this year in your home but the way to do it is unfamiliar to you, attached is a link for a simple road map to follow.

What the Lord did at Passover, historically, first by delivering multitudes of people from slavery, through a raging sea, and centuries later by actually becoming a Passover Lamb for all believers, is phenomenal in each case.  God designed that these two great works should be remembered one day a year for all of the remaining years until He comes.  It is so important to Jesus/Yeshua that He told us that when He returns to earth He will eat it again with us!

It is interesting that at this very hour, in this very season, the entire world is cloistered in their homes, with the intent that a type of death may pass us by.   Let us treasure this remembrance of His matchless feats on our behalf—and for His glory.

Download this free 6-page Passover Seder for some thoughts to help guide your journey, and instructions for a simple family Passover service that draws attention to the Savior who fulfilled its deepest meanings precisely.

Click here to download a handy one-page chart that shows our  “take” on what days of the week the events of Holy Week occurred on during that first week and what days (and days of the week) they are this year.

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