LIGHTS OUT?  Are you ready?

LIGHTS OUT?  Are you ready?

Renee EllisonJul 17, '22


For decades, the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared”, sparked forethought in sterling young men who became an asset to any situation.  You always wanted a Boy Scout in your neighborhood, at your campsite, and most especially at the scene of your accident!  They were READY.  We are NOT ready, as a nation, for an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) fry-out.

An EMP fry-out is no fairy tale.  Parts of the nation have experienced massive power outages due to natural disasters in recent times.  But power outages could occur from a new type of electrical warfare, too.  All traditional warfare aside, an electrical fry-out would literally bring our nation to its knees, crippling it with malfunction.  Computers and all communications devices would be down, hospitals would be down, power plants would be off-line (no electricity or water or natural gas), fuel and transport would be down due to disabling of the computer chips in the vehicles and no electricity to work the gas pumps, commerce would be crippled, cash registers silenced, banks would close, and electronic money would vanish.  We would be plunged into the Dark Ages, with no skills or tools to enable us to cope with it.  It would be a long nightmare.  We as individuals, however, can be LESS traumatized by such an event in our future daily life if we will get prepared NOW.  As Proverbs 22:3 says, “The prudent FORSEETH the evil [alarming possibility] and hideth HIMSELF”—not his whole nation.  There is NO DOWNSIDE to PREPARATION, as an individual and as a family.  And no one is stopping you.

Is this imminent?  It could be.  There are three potential sources of trouble: weather and earthquake disasters, Iran’s hatred, and the sun.  Anytime someone calls you the Big Satan and VOWS to neutralize you, because their eschatology demands it--and they have the nuclear capability--you’d better get prepared for anything.  Iran’s ideas range from using suitcase bombs to launching a nuclear bomb from a ship near our coast (after they attack Israel, as soon as they are able to do that)—targeting the center of our nation—and from that radius a fry-out would be successful over the whole nation.  And such a fry-out could be accomplished without a nuclear weapon, any host of OTHER ways, by Iran, Korea or China, as well.  There is no defense against such an attack.  Air and cyber warfare possibilities are infinite.  We’ve never faced them before.

The sun’s danger?  Radioactive sun flares.  The sun is fast reaching the peak of its solar activity cycle, belching larger and larger radioactive sun flares that have historically caused the Earth trouble and will do so in greater measure, this time, in the not-too-distant future.  We cannot stop the sun.  It will do what it will do.  And it currently doesn’t look good.  Scout it out for yourself on the Internet.  Scientists are VERY concerned with what this will do to electrical transformers world-wide.

The keys to preparation are forethought and practice.  Mental preparation—living through the event in your head, ahead of time, is first.  Next, realize that practical preparation involves STUFF.  Preparing your stuff has four key steps:

One: Build artificial heat.  Pretend that the fry-out will happen soon—even a week from now.  What is NOT ready?  What is most important to GET ready?

Two: Make a list, prioritize your list, and obtain things in that order.

Three: Think through ADDITIONAL parts to your stuff—fuel, batteries, light bulbs, matches, etc.  Missing just one piece can be as significant as not having the tool in the first place.

Four: Practice.  Improve.  Then practice again and again, until you get it down pat and you don’t lack any key thing that makes your survival “do-able”.

Basic preparation may FEEL overwhelming, but it need not be.  Given some serious focus and a good plan, you can get the bulk of vital preparations all done in a week, if you’ll stick at it.  Go for it and then practice living through a power-outage crisis over some weekend, soon.  Guaranteed, you’ll have a dismal go at it.  Get up, tweak it, and go after it again next weekend.  Your neighbors won’t be doing any of this, as they sit cocooned and captivated by evening television shows.  Imagine the power grid going down tomorrow.  HOW ready would you be?  No one else cares.  No one else will be preparing FOR you.  “Night cometh when no man can work”  The option is to prepare for the possibility that progress will be at a stand still for a long time,  shops will be closed, down, trucks stopped, shipping no more.

There is a host of “preppers” info freely obtainable online.  But we found much of it overwhelming, and began to work very hard at synthesizing the most vital parts of voluminous information into a simple inexpensive DO-ABLE 40-page eBook booklet, Survival Planning for Simpletons.  This is intended for believers because it includes vital information about mental and spiritual steps to take, and how to endure persecution.  The optimal practical plans here presented will save you hours of reinventing the wheel and will give you the courage to face the MENTAL parts of increased tribulation, too.  You won’t regret ordering this and reading it.  Times are tough, and they will only be getting tougher. 

Get prepared.

Also, order these free downloadable eBooks: (1) How to Not Fear in the Coming Crisis and (2) pictures, drawings and rudimentary instructions for How to Build Yourself a Greenhouse -- and click here to read a blog post on intentional family camping.

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