If you SOAK it, you'll STOMACH it better

If you SOAK it, you'll STOMACH it better

Renee EllisonJun 7, '20

Try setting out four jars or pie pans each evening before going to bed—to soak your foods. These soaked foods dramatically increase in vitamin and mineral content, and some grains and beans increase as much as 200% in protein bioavailability. Because foods become enzymatically “alive” by this soaking process, they actually start the digestion process outside the stomach, and then take far less digestive energy to process. Nuts, some grain or wheat (drink the soaking water in the morning because it is loaded with good nutrition), mung beans, and lentils.

Be sure to rinse all these soakers 3 times before soaking them, to eliminate mold residues. Everything can be eaten raw within 24 hours. Nuts, immediately. Large beans will take 3 - 5 days of soaking until a tail appears, but can be cooked in a crock-pot after just soaking them overnight. I find that sprouting anything that requires more than 24 hours, while maintaining an active household, falls through the cracks, grows moldy and is useless/tossed out. That is why I like lentils and mung beans…they’re tough and they “perform” quickly…rinse ‘em, plunge ‘em under water and in 24 hours you have nutrient dense food. This is a great way to stretch your grocery dollar and requires no fuel energy to prepare. More nutrition for your buck. Homeschoolers need to feed their families like champions.

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