How to nurture your soul as a mom

How to nurture your soul as a mom

Renee EllisonFeb 2, '20

Try spending ten minutes (5 for reading, 5 for prayer) with the Lord every morning and every evening.  Many of the great saints had lifetime habits of these routines. The soul requires nurture to advance, just as the body does. Keep a spiral notebook at hand, and jot down just one thought to hang your soul on for the day, and then do it again for the night. Our daily life should consist of overarching praiseworthy activities, anchored at both ends with devotions. Elisabeth’s Elliot’s mother fed breakfast to their large family, and then habitually, routinely, sat down to the Bible right after breakfast. Susanna Wesley had these habits, too, even throwing her apron over her head to pray, quietly. Your children will observe your habits—and may make them their own.

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