How to make SURE money by nightfall, TODAY, in a collapsing economy

How to make SURE money by nightfall, TODAY, in a collapsing economy

Renee EllisonAug 9, '20

Make and sell home-made bread. We’re serious. A number of families are trying this with success. Recently when one family’s daddy lost his job, the couple went into the bedroom and got on their knees and cried out to the Lord, “Show us what we could do to bring in income for our family of seven.” They “heard”, put your nose to the grindstone and make bread.

They got up and tried it. Then went out to sell it to the neighborhood and were all sold out in ten minutes! They used a darling old country basket, nestled some pretty fabric in it, stacked the bread on top, attached a label describing the healthy ingredients, put a ribbon around each loaf, and took their adorable children to the door with them, and they were in business.

This family goes out right at the 5 p.m. dinner hour, when everyone is home and hungry in their houses. And “Lo and Behold”, here comes a knock at the front door and irresistible food right there on their front porch! You can’t beat that marketing strategy. Now, with an expanded route, the bread-making family is home in 45 minutes start to finish, where they then sit down to their own paid-for dinner. Hearing this story, a family in another state tried it with the same terrific results.

The first family has since tweaked their utensils and tools, and are looking at a gradual expansion of their home business. And, while they sell bread they also are making significant positive and recurring contacts with neighbors, who may come to know the bread of life through the gospel witness of this family. Aha, hmm… wonder if God knew this, when He first suggested it to them!

Start Simple
The “loaves and fishes” story in the Bible is really a financial principle. Start with what you have. If you have nothing, go buy some flour, add the other necessary ingredients, and come home and knead it with your own bare hands and go out and sell it. Do it again and again. Plow your profits back into buying a USED Bosch on E-Bay for kneading, and a Vita Mix™ (with the dry container) to grind your grain from scratch. Voila. You’re in business. They sky is the limit. There is no end to neighborhoods or of hunger for wholesome food.

Make the bread with your children and you bump it up one more level: family togetherness around a productive, joyful, progressively enlarging enterprise that is wholesome. How many families have prayed for just this scenario? You’re looking’ at answered prayer. It may be God’s little miracle for many of His children, who now need such an idea, to thread their way through the present economic collapse. It may, in fact, become your young children’s OWN business, that they become capable enough to run by themselves, making ever bigger profits. This is wonderfulness! “At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11, NKJV).

In business school, in marketing classes, they always say it is ideal to find a product that is universally needed and that involves repeat business. Bread’s it!

This business works well alongside anything else you want to do for the next few years. It could fund any dream you have. If you make 20 loaves a day, you might earn $2,000 a month. One family said that they could easily sell 50 loaves a day in less than an hour, if they just had them to sell! (Of course, you will need to check with your local governing authorities to see that you are complying with any regulations for having a business, collecting sales tax, baking bread at home for sale, etc.)

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