How to be a fascinating mother

How to be a fascinating mother

Renee EllisonFeb 26, '20

Become a storyteller. When you aren’t actually reading noble things to your children (for example, missionary biographies), always be telling little life stories with a noble purpose. Use the time when you’re running errands or having lunch together to artfully aim these stories at the bull’s eye of their little hearts.

Scour your own childhood for incidents that you can drive home to build up their character. Then scour your parents’ lives for stories from their childhoods that you could use to good effect. Avoid stories like “grandpa got away with this mischievous deed.” Nada.

Tell stories about the old hard-working man up the street, or that good-hearted lady down the street. Make up imaginary ones, if you want—just make sure that the intent of the story is to show how God’s ways always win out, always work, always bless. Tell them with a twinkle in your eye. These childhood memories, flowing from a mother’s lips and heart, are priceless for a child.

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