Homeschool mom, live in the NOW

Homeschool mom, live in the NOW

Renee EllisonJan 8, '20

Live in the NOW, smile NOW on your family, look your best NOW (groom yourself neatly—wear your best colors), take all your anxieties to the Lord in prayer NOW.  Talk to Him all the day just as you would talk to a super best friend fervently, utterly abandoned/vulnerable, telling everything and finding wonderful relief in the telling. And you’ll wear His sweet spirit all the day.

As you do this, you will find more of God — and less of self.  François Fénelon (1651–1715), was a French spiritual mentor to thousands, three centuries ago. As the tutor for the 7-year-old Duke of Burgundy, who was second in line for the throne, Fenelon was charged with guiding the character formation of a future king of France. He wrote several important works specifically to guide his young charge. I’ve found his writings to be deep and thought-provoking. His gems often serve as vitamins for homeschool moms. Here are several of them:

  • Life’s many small occasions to serve place us constantly in conflict with our pride, our laziness, our self-esteem, and our passions…but if we are faithful in them, the old nature will have no time to breathe.
  • Be filled with love for Him rather than fear for yourself.
  • Avoid an overweening care for self.

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