Healing faster: A summary of some recent health research‏

Healing faster: A summary of some recent health research‏

Renee EllisonOct 16, '22

If you are feeling severely and chronically under the weather or are coping with a serious disease and you want some fresh ideas, here are some health tips, laid out for you.  If not, skip it :)  Note that this blog post is not offering medical advice [consult your personal medical care provider immediately if you are in need of that].  It is a compilation of personal research I've done into the accomplishments of some of the most prestigious healing clinics of the world—and hours and hours and hours of reading reports of research in the field of alternative medicine.  It has been quite the eye-opener.

Many people have been healed by using alternative means.

Enough people have been healed from dread diseases over the past several decades, going the natural route, to draw several conclusions by now.  These people number not in the hundreds, but in the thousands.  Their determination was iron-willed, their discipline incredible.  Their testimonies online and in health magazines and books are ringing!  A number of them have said, "I could have done it faster if I had known then what I know now."  So, how does one heal from a terrible illness more quickly?  Below are some of the collective conclusions.  Success leaves trails.

Their winning mindset:

  • They would not take no for an answer.

They determined to get well—so much so that giving up was not an option.  Many had seen relatives die under current state-of-the-art hospitalizations, and were fiery in their grit to not go that route.  They were upset about "normal" solution/disasters that they had seen all around them.

  • These people were marked by patience.

They did not expect quick turnarounds.  They kept their eyes on what they were doing to improve their input into their body on every level, not on their symptoms.  They did whatever it took, for as long as it took.  They were unmoved by their current condition—having visualized their future healed condition.

They realized that they almost didn’t have to have any diagnosis to determine what was wrong with them, because they were aware that all diseases have the same negative root causes: an internal chronically acid environment, chronic inflammation [check into Theracurmin as an antidote to that; watch Dr. Murray describe its benefits; and look at its availability and price discounts at Vitacost.com -- and before you buy it, look for online coupons at retailmenot.com], toxic build-up, a stressed lifestyle with no let-up, dead foods that require herculean amounts of effort to digest with no reward, no sunshine, no exercise, unforgiveness, no faith, etc., etc.

  • They understood that addictions lived in them, no matter how refined and unnoticeable.

Food addictions are the strongest addictions known to man, because they are rooted in childhood and in one's notion of comfort.  Comfort foods have a grip on the body that is superhuman to break.  These people expected a fierce battle with themselves, and were their own policemen.  They realized that the buck stopped with them and that no one else would experience the results of their overcoming themselves or of not overcoming themselves, down to minute multiple bodily and mental disciplines.

What they did:

  • Ate a lot of raw food for one to two years and mega-dosed on superfoods—including spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, wheat grass, barley green, ginger, turmeric, garlic, lemon, sprouts of all sorts, cultured veggies, acidophilus, vitamin C, chia seeds, flax seed, and hemp seed.
  • Replaced ALL sugars, including all fruit in the case of very ill patients, with nothing but stevia.  Sugar feeds parasites, mold, fungus, yeast and cancers.  Simple sugars are disastrous to a compromised system.
  • Replaced all salt with celery (nature's most natural and complete source of sodium) by dehydrating the celery and crushing it to a salt like powder.
  • Drank the most pure water they could find—and drank at least half their body weight in ounces, every day.
  • Juiced 2 to 12 times a day (comprised of raw vegetable juices)
  • Juice-fasted one day a week.
  • Detoxed one organ after another successively, and repeated the process.

They employed every additional means possible to heal:

  • Got healthy sunshine, getting in the sun as much as possible, before 9 am and after 4 pm in most latitudes.
  • Sweated out toxins through near- or far-infrared saunas or mineral hot springs or steam baths—and soaked in Epsom salts.
  • Deep breathed for five minutes each morning and each afternoon to get a hold of their stress levels.
  • Forgave everyone.
  • Ascertained the continuing sources of current stress, and wrote out different means of coping with it that would not sabotage their health any more.  They reduced all stress—from every source.
  • They avoided almost all media, either for news or entertainment, and captured an old-fashioned lifestyle of serious productive reading, resisting passivity.
  • Got rid of all the mercury in their teeth from old silver fillings.
  • Took out all radioactive toxins by using tinctures and cilantro.
  • Got EMF shields to counter electromagnetic frequencies, and top-notch indoor air purifiers.
  • Used essential oils liberally, in place of toxic drugs.  This was an alternative healthy pharmacy, with no side effects.  They used only therapeutic grade (most oils obtained in health stores are extracted by solvents and can be toxic).  They used the raindrop technique to apply certain oils in certain sequences, up the spine.
  • Got their back straightened by a chiropractor.
  • Got massages.
  • Wore linen.  Linen delivers 5,000 positive healing frequencies into your body, as does wool.  They didn’t wear linen and wool together, which would have canceled each other’s frequencies out.  Our body’s optimum frequency is 100.  Organic cotton delivers 100, silk delivers only 15.  All synthetic fabrics deliver negatgive numbered frequencies, and fight with our body’s electromagnetic field, compounding our stress significantly.  Linen is the only fabric used on internal surgical sutures and is antibiotic and antiviral.  People sweat far less in linen than any other fabric.  It is a super healing fabric.

They were fueled by the success stories of others.

They kept these stories continually before them, through health magazines and books and were well-researched and well-read in the alternative health fields in general.  Watch the documentary movie, Forks over Knives.  It documents the largest nutritional study ever conducted.  It is fascinating.

They resisted preoccupation.

  • They realized that missed hours to input the body mean delayed and slower healing.
  • They set a timer to counter the tendency to become preoccupied with all lesser matters, realizing that yielding to the tyranny of the urgent would only leave them in a diseased condition.

They required steady, relentless incremental discipline of themselves, especially when it came to exercise.  Routine, consistent exercise increases the rate of healing 8X!!!

  • They learned to exercise in three ways daily (aerobics, weight training, stretching), even if it meant that someone else moved their limbs for them to begin the process.
  • They began slowly, and did not crash and burn.
  • They realized that they were addicted to their own sluggishness and lack of exercise, and that now being ill, they were accustomed to doing nearly none, and that there would be a hefty amount of brow beating with themselves to get them to reverse this trend.
  • They moved into exercise slowly each time, but with iron-willed determination, and increased each type of exercise by only five minutes each week.  Their target goals? 3-mile walks, 10 reps in all weight lifting, and stretching every muscle group.

Is there an alternative to this radical approach?

Doing all of this is not an easy journey, but dying is no picnic either.  Neither is training for the Olympics.  Or raising children.  Or writing a book.  Or gardening.  Or even picnicking!  Nothing is easy.  We delude ourselves that health is easy, and that it alone should escape the glories of all other successes, all of which are achieved by nothing but discipline.  None of them are exempt.  For most of us, the biggest surprise of our life was that investing in our health should even be a goal—until we lose it.

For further reading:

How Not To Die, by Dr. Michael Greger, MD [the 120 pages of end notes in fine print offer conclusive support to what he advises]

Turbo-Charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids

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