Finding the best mattress for your health

Finding the best mattress for your health

Renee EllisonMar 20, '22

Has your mattress lost its zing?  Is one of you slumping toward the center of your bed because of the weight of the other one in bed at night?  Are your arms falling asleep or tingling in the night?  Is your mattress reflecting heat back at you all night long?  Are allergens and chemicals in your mattress giving your immune system fits?  Do you feel the effects of metal in your mattress and box spring?

When you lie on memory foam (e.g., ComforPedic® by Beautyrest®) is it comfortable but toxic smelling?  Studies are revealing health problems that seem to be coming from metal and petrochemicals in bed mattresses.  One such report is an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola (website: ).  Perhaps you yourself have experienced increasing problems sleeping on the traditional mattress with its coil springs, fire-retardant chemicals, and petrochemical-produced gels and foams.  If that’s where you are, we have saved you mega-hours of research, if you want to a solution that will have no side-effects.

Bottom line: is a third-generation family business in Phoenix that produces one of the best mattresses in the marketplace today.  From our considerable research, we think they offer the best value for the money, too.  Plus, by spending your money with this company you are directly supporting families that operate a U.S. factory.

Here are the key findings from our mattress research:

Choose organic/natural latex from a company that will answer your every question with promptness, honesty and clarity.  There are scores of competitors out there, and there are many variables.  Is it necessary for it to be Certified Organic; will it suffice to know that the latex is natural, grown and produced by a source that does not include the use of pesticides and petrochemicals?  What are the differences between memory foam and latex foam, and how could the two be combined (as some companies claim to do—apparently falsely so)?  Is the company marketing aggressively?  You’ll know: you’ve been doing Internet searches and suddenly your screen is blotted with recurrent excess ads from an aggressive company.  Is the company making claims that are getting it in trouble with the law), or that lie to you (claiming to be the only seller of an organic latex mattress), or charge too much, etc.?

What is the flame-retardant the company uses (to meet federal safety requirements)?  (Kevlar; the MSDS for Kevlar states that fibrils of the material, if inhaled will cause lung damage; moreover, it would release some toxic gases if it burned.)  Is the sales/marketing department separate from the people who make the mattresses?  Are they rude to you, unresponsive, and unpleasant to deal with after you’ve made the sale?  Are glues used in the manufacture of the mattress?  (Avoid those, too.)  Do you want the Dunlop processed latex or the Talalay method of manufacturing the foam?

For a lot of comments from a great variety of sources, read some of the thousands of posts on The moderator of that site noted that “SleepEZ is one of the members that have been invited to become a member here (and were actually the first one to become a member) which means that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, and service. Of course, it helps that they also offer a 5% discount to the forum members here (last time we checked; things change!). A forum search just on SleepEZ (you can just click the link) will also bring up over two thousand posts that mention them that includes much more information and feedback about them as well."  We feel confident that we have at last got the best solution for the healthiest bed.

One of the many things we like about the SleepEZ mattresses is that they are modular.  You build your own—and you can order a queen or king bed mattress with separate side-by-side segments, enabling you to have a firmer combination on one side and softer on the other, plus the ease of moving the smaller sections as opposed to hefting one heavy mattress.  You might like to get the top layer as one piece; you could always cut it apart with industrial scissors or an electric knife, later, if you want to.

Shawn, the President of SleepEZ, personally answers phone calls, and talks knowingly about every aspect of the selection.  (Read what customers are saying about him at  He asks 3 questions about each of you—weight, height and sleeping pattern (side, back, front sleeper)—and then designs the layers to fit that.  From our many phone conversations with him, each of which he answered patiently, helpfully, and with integrity, we discovered there would be little benefit in having four 3’ thick layers rather than three.  He explained that you wouldn’t actually feel down to that fourth layer unless you weigh 300 pounds or more.  People pick the four-layer mattress more for the visual appeal—a more commanding presence in the room.  The same effect could be gained by lifting your bed by putting its legs on inexpensive plastic bed risers.

These foams are made from trees, not from petrochemicals, and are not glued (which could introduce toxic chemicals); instead, the latex is cooked, frozen, and the core substance washed and rinsed several times.  In these beds there are absolutely no allergens—no VOC's—and the bed feels super comfortable.  Further, if you choose a variety of firmness levels for the layers (soft, medium and hard) you can keep rearranging the hardness of the three layers even after the mattress is in your bedroom.

Knowing what we do about fabric frequencies (as noted at, we like the option of an all-organic-cotton cover for the mattress and for the wooden frame beneath it, rather than mixing cotton and wool which would cause the signature frequencies of the materials (plant kingdom and animal kingdom) to cancel each other out.  Instead of a cotton/wool blend, a better option in our opinion is their cotton/rayon cover (all in the plant kingdom; something general research has not caught up with yet; a bonus insight :) ).

In summary, this is a great way of improving your health odds, by uncovering and settling the bed problem for all of us.

In exchange for our extensive research on this topic, which saves you time, if you go with SleepEZ, do us a favor and say that Renee Ellison referred you and perhaps they will give us a wee cut for bulk orders.  It costs the very same to you, whether you mention our name or not.  SleepEZ will treat you very well; their customer service is extraordinary. Other mattress companies we dealt with were downright irritating.

Our own results of sleeping on a Sleep EZ Talalay 9” foam latex mattress

Thanks to Sleep EZ, we have had the best night's sleep in a long time.  AND we had fun in setting it up.  The day our mattress and foundation arrived, the two of us had a blast assembling it.  It was so good to see what is actually inside the bed we're sleeping on.  No doubt it would be fun to watch a video of a couple unpacking and setting up their bed—lying on each level of mattress softness as they laid it down, and oohing and aahing about how nice it is, how soft, how it doesn't smell, how ingenious its design is, how it breathes, how flexible it is in terms of adjusting the level of firmness and softness, etc.  We doubt that anyone sets up one of these beds in silence!

The SleepEZ organic bed is amazing—dreamlike—everything we ever wanted in a bed—superb in every way.  We sleep soundly, and don't awake with a metallic taste in our mouths as was the case when sleeping on a prior purchase of a new coil-spring mattress.  The foundation, too, is made in the United States, and is equally ingenious in its design and in the ease of its assembly, using no tools.  You simply can't go wrong with these mattresses—and this company!

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