Diet controversies: Weston Price

Diet controversies: Weston Price

Renee EllisonFeb 12, '23

Nourishing Traditions?  The Weston Price Foundation?  For well over half a century they have been avid proponents of the low carb diet nightmare even after they knew Atkins was overweight at the time of his death (Source: “At six feet tall and 258 lb., Atkins’ body mass index classified him as obese. This was alarming for a world-famous weight loss guru.” Some think the weight gain was fluids due to having been a coma from falling and hitting his head at age 72). 

Sometimes it seems that we as a nation cling to theories that apparently do not work.  In fact, we come out with more books that support this "ruin your health" theory.  It is a beautiful theory, assisted by merchandizing campaigns for more book sales, achieving public persuasion even if it seems against the facts.

The more resounding (at least to some) diet solution includes a lot of clean fresh food and a high carbohydrate diet.  Mountains of fiber rich brown rice, mountains of sweet potatoes, unlimited squash and beans, fruits and veggies, no calorie counting, no small portions.  We can veritably stuff ourselves with nutrient dense, alkaline, fiber rich foods.

The key disease-prevention issue is to get the artery clogging devastating fat (meat, dairy, olive oil, chips) out of the diet so that Americans' health crisis can happily, reverse at last.  Continue down the same path and we'll continue to die off at record highs (we lead the world) from heart attacks, cancer and diabetes.

For a contemporary recognition of this by a bodybuilder who nearly died of a widow-maker heart attack, read this news article: "I was a bodybuilder who almost died from a heart attack: What I learned after saved my life.  I am reversing my cardiovascular disease one day at a time with a plant-based lifestyle."  He reversed course and switched to a plant-based diet after reading the book by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, "Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease."  The man telling his account is Robby Graham, proprietor of Revelations Café, a plant-based, faith-based restaurant in Tampa, Florida that is also the title of as documentary featuring his health turnaround by the dietary shift.

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