Dehydration: Number 1 culprit in many a disease

Dehydration: Number 1 culprit in many a disease

Renee EllisonFeb 16, '20


Our cells are dying, choking, gasping for more water. Nearly everyone in the U.S. is dehydrated—seriously so. Imagine a desperately thirsty man crawling on his belly across the desert, only to find that when he reaches the oasis’ edge, he pulls his comb out of his back pocket, wets it, and proceeds to comb his hair! Americans are taking showers galore to fastidiously wash the outsides of their bodies; meanwhile, their insides look like the insides of trash cans that have never been cleaned. In fact, many people’s insides are so full of struggling, clumpy, sticky cells that look like dirty dishes eaten upon over and over and never washed in between, that they are unknowingly creating a bacteria/fungus heaven.

One way to make sure that we are reversing this problem is to fill a large jar, one for each member of the family, first thing in the morning, with half their body weight in ounces of water. (For example, a person who weighs 100 pounds should drink 50 ounces of water each day.) Label each jar with a family member’s name and see to it that he/she only drinks from this jar all day. (Keep your regular kitchen glasses and cups in the cupboard for a month or two). You’ll simply be amazed at how much water still lingers in the jar at the end of the day.  Staggering revelation.  Drink this quantity of water for three days in a row and the difference in how you feel will reveal, even to you, that you’ve been dehydrated your entire life. For starters: at least get in two full glasses of water before breakfast to wash out the night’s toxins. Caution: if you drink water in excess amounts beyond this, (for some, even this amount could be a problem), it can mess up your salt and electrolyte levels…not a good thing.

Note: this is not medical advice, and cannot be construed as such. This is merely sharing my personal experience (and my family’s) in terms of the benefits of drinking an adequate volume of water.

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