Conquering the hungers

Conquering the hungers

Renee EllisonJan 29, '23

The people in your family might be hungry because they are not getting enough starch.  Perhaps it is time to load up on more rice and beans, sweet potatoes, pistachios, almonds, etc.  No matter how expensive grains are, they are cheaper than meat and dairy and may deliver more nutrition for your buck.

Diet theories such as Nourishing Traditions may be great re: soaking grains, but missed it on the prevailing research on meat and dairy, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. McDougal, Dr. Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Clements of Hippocrates, Gerson Institute, and HAcres--all of which have reversed cancer cases (watch their YouTube videos for some further jaw-dropping insights).  This one by Dr. McDougal especially chimes in on the diet wars, two huge differing theories out there: Paleo vs. Plant Based.

A consideration re: grains is that they may need to be soaked.  So soak your oatmeal all night before eating it.  And use more quinoa as your breakfast cereal....rinse and soak it as well.  Should have no problem, then.  Also a handful of almonds (also soaked) and one piece of fruit would be good as well for variety on other days.  Also break the idea that only certain foods are breakfast foods...ALL foods fuel the body really one can eat anything wholesome for breakfast.  I've had a bowlful of mung bean sprouts with some all purpose seasoning and a tablespoon of vinegar for breakfast...yes for breakfast....sprouts are very inexpensive and hearty....mung bean and lentils are the easiest and fastest to sprout....taking 36 hrs. to soak night before and just wait one day...presto, they're ready.

Establish a breakfast water routine:
Start everyone's day early with an 8 oz. glass of water.  Get the first glass down as soon as they (and you) plop their feet out of bed.  Wait 15 or 20 minutes and follow it with another 8 oz. glass of water to flush out the night's toxins.  Wait just 15 meetings before eating.  Sometimes if I hydrate well in the morning, I don't need to eat for several hours....don't get hungry 'til then.  Or mix up some rice protein powder with a piece of fruit and some tub pre-washed greens.

I begin with two cups of hot herbal teas for my "water"--sipping the first one even before I get dressed.


For basic thoughts and suggestions re: food choices and diet, read our e-Book of Turbo-charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids.

(The above post was written in response to a homeschooling customer who wrote, asking what to for breakfast, "Dear Renee, I have known about soaking grains for years and years. I bought Nourishing Traditions back when it first came out!  I can't use quinoa any more because it has become so expensive.")

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