Combating mama discouragement

Combating mama discouragement

Renee EllisonApr 11, '21

One of the great tools the enemy uses is relentless erosion of us through discouragement.  In particular, he is a master at attacking our value.  Much of what we do that is good hereour perseverance in our faith in the Lord, our faithfulness in parenting, our loving endurance with others, etc.will not be visible to us in its full results until the Great Day.  Presently, we mostly see only our shortcomings.  What we really amount to is largely hidden from us now.

Life is tough.  A great part of our life is breaking down our high school expectations of what we thought life would be like.  C. S. Lewis has a marvelous quote about that: "If we were expecting life to be a palace it is a great disappointment, but if it was meant to be a reformatory, it isn't half bad."

Since the only thing we ever have full control over is ourselves, not others, we can make life a game of a "personal improve-a-thon."  Such overcoming thinking can turn life into a great adventure.  What can I bring to this atmosphere that has gone sour?  What can I do to bring the spirit of the Almighty Creator into this vexing moment?  What can I do to love our Heavenly Father more ardently?  Yippee! Another day to work at conquering my thought-life—riveting it upon scripture all day.  (If you get thrown into prison:) What can I do to make my inmates happier with my one banana today?  What can I do to influence my neighbor?  What can I do to increase my domestic skills?  (I personally love that last thought—it has propelled me through no end of obstacles and contrary patches.)

Remember, too, that in regard to children, psychologists say that it only takes one validating parent for the child to turn out with equilibrium.  One parent may be good at one area, and the other "out to lunch" and vice versa—depending upon the issue.

We simply cannot see ourselves as we really are.  In your case, if you could see yourself as others see you, you are a remarkable person—simply remarkable.

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