Chucking College

Chucking College

Renee EllisonAug 28, '22

College isn’t what it used to be.  And for many of us, what it used to be wasn’t all that great, either.  Some of us parents had good college experiences several decades ago, but many of us didn’t.  All too often, colleges were scenes of great compromise.  Today the college scene is much worse.  Tragically, many young people are losing their faith, virginity and finances through this supposedly necessary rite of passage, which has become nothing more than a trip through Babylon.

One dare not speak of not going to college to relatives or friends; college is the last American idol—an untouchable in social circles.  Yet with national student loan debt now at over a trillion dollars, and few jobs in sight for emerging graduates, many college-age young people are finding successful alternative routes for these college years and are actually ending up ahead of their peers.  These daring trailblazers don’t have to carry lifetime baggage from compromises they made under ungodly pressures from professors and unbridled wild peers.  They don’t have the guilt and the bad memories to carry with them.  They don’t have the guilt, emotional scarring and bad memories.  And they don’t have to BEGIN life with debt—enormous debt—debt they will be saddled with, in many cases, for the rest of their lives.  They don’t have their faith mangled, either—the very faith they will need to cling to in all of life’s future vicissitudes.

Chucking College is a book that challenges these norms with strong convincing data and testimonies that there can be a better way.  Order and read excerpts and reviews of this life-changing and in many respects life-saving book.  Before embarking on a college decision, buy this book.  You won’t be disappointed.  It will put ideas in your mind and convictions in your spirit that are simply not there now, given our cultural vice-grip in this area.  The book is powerful.  Get it—and pass the word; even if you or your child are in the first semester, you may well find it a life-changing move to withdraw and take a different before the damage has been overwhelming.

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