Children's Bible book list

Children's Bible book list

Renee EllisonJun 23, '21

Enticing your children to love the Bible is done by giving them irresistible first impressions. The following is a list of splendid renderings of the scriptural narrative to do just that. Each of the books listed was selected for its beautiful artwork as well as for its narrative.

When picking Bibles for children it is important to avoid artwork that is too scary or artwork that gives the impression that the Bible is fantasy. You would be safe with any of the following choices. You are likely to be able to find these at used prices online ( or Amazon or others).

  • The Children’s Discovery Bible: Discovering God’s Word for the First Time, by Charlene Heibert and Drew Rose (Chariot Victor Publishing, 1996). This book is two-thirds pictures, one-third text. Use this if you have very limited time to get the Bible into someone ELSE’s child—a child in the neighborhood or a relative’s child who is visiting your for a week or two in the summer, etc. The shorter time you have with a child, the shorter the Bible must be.
  • The Bible-Time Nursery Rhyme Book, by Emily Hunter (1998). To replace pagan nursery rhymes that teach nothing of value.
  • My Bible Friends, by Etta Degering, 5 volumes (1977). Gorgeous pictures.
  • The Bible Story, by Arthur S. Maxwell, 10 volumes (Pacific Press, 1953).
  • Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, by Arthur S. Maxwell, 5 volumes (1929-1976). True stories by a master story teller, teaching noble character.
  • The New Panorama Bible Study Course, by Alfred Thompson Eade, 4 volumes (—phone 1-541-846-6534). A pictorial overview.
  • The Child’s Story Bible, by Catherine F. Vos. Used in schools from 1935 on.
  • My Very First Golden Bible, by Dana Forrest Kennedy (1991). Large print. Simple, for a first good independent reading of the Bible.
  • The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible, by Janice Emmerson (Harvest House Publishers, 2014, ISBN 10: 0736962131 ISBN 13: 9780736962131). Two-page full spread pictures with a story narrative of the Bible, all contained in one volume.
  • The Picture Bible by Iva Hoth (Chariot Books, 1978-1998). Great for 6th graders on up; it uses cartoons of realistic-looking people.
  • The Catechism for Young Children with Cartoons, by Vic Lockman, Books I and II (1994).

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