Children love structure and routine

Children love structure and routine

Renee EllisonJan 22, '20

Ask yourself, “Is a blind man freer to run around on a desert island (surrounded by sharks), with a fence around the edge, or without a fence?”

The “fence” of structure and routine gives a child the security to be “freely me”. The idea is to provide academic structure, i.e. progressive, incremental increase in brain capability during your mornings, and then provide expanding opportunities, house maintenance work, physical body conditioning (power walking, weight training), music, and home based businesses in the afternoon.

Mom, if your lifestyle/circumstances presently defy enough structure and routine, try to get some “sameness” and predictability in the evening routines. Your children will thrive upon it. Children, just want to know what we’re going to be doing, and where we’ll be doing it, ahead of time. This makes life seem familiar and conquerable. And it makes our children feel secure, and confident about their place in it—delivering them from dizziness in their wee stomachs and psyches.

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