Can you type, instead of hunting and pecking?

Can you type, instead of hunting and pecking?

Renee EllisonApr 28, '21

Do your children know how to touch-type? If they don't, we suggest you consider adding Renee's Zoom-Type book and audio tutor-at-your-side to your order. You can read about it here.

Bonus: after you order the typing program, you can email us and ask us to send you four pdf files that you can print out for each of your students.  We'll email you two pages of progress charts to check off and two sets of word lists to practice, once the student has conquered the touch-typing basics.

There are only 2 skills in  touch-typing: knowing (without thinking about it) where each key is on the keyboard, and using the correct finger to tap it.  That's the essence of what Zoom-Type allows the student to conquer soon.

If you want to know why this program has worked so well for the hundreds of persons who have used it, you could order the quick downloadable eBook of fun illustrated 12 optimal ways to trigger the brain.  Renee built in many of those brain triggers into both of her keyboarding courses (Zoom Type and Quick Piano), which is why these programs work better than anything else we've ever heard of for mastering touch-typing and the basics of playing the piano.

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