Book for use in homeschooling: Impossible Evolution

Book for use in homeschooling: Impossible Evolution

Renee EllisonJun 17, '20

Renee’s artful skill for “making-complex-issues-simple” emerges yet again in her newest book, Impossible Evolution. Because it is loaded with visual graphics, the reader is able to catch each asserted impossibility immediately. Thus, it can be taught quickly to a child. Other sections of the book grip the attention of the adult, too, as the issues are looked at deeper as the book progresses.

This simple book clarifies both sides of the Intelligent Design / Evolution debate solidly and for good. In Part One each issue is pictured, with short, clarifying easy text. Part Two has three short meaty essays developed on these topics:

One: the Impossibility of Theistic Evolution (a compromise between the two main theories, that doesn’t work—it breaks down under the force of logic),

Two: a detailed look at some scriptures and their astounding implications related to the issue, and

Three: a commentary upon the inevitability of Intelligent Design’s infinitely superior position in the debate.

The closing section of the book is loaded with questions to artfully ask others who, in their thinking about this topic, still live in the darkness of evolution. Like all Socratic questioning techniques, it leads the pondering person, himself, to the inevitability of the right answer.

Grab this exciting summary of the most insistent lie of our day and share it with everyone you know. The fog will lift and you’ll walk under clear blue sky in your thinking about this, from here on in.

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