Bible reading habits for children

Bible reading habits for children

Renee EllisonDec 18, '19

Have your children use their Bible like a workbook (i.e., read it with a pencil in hand). Each day, they can underline one thing that stands out to them that day and then write it in a spiral bound devotions book. That way they take something away from each reading. They don’t even have to write the verse verbatim. Just what it made them think about or want to improve in their life. At the end of the year their Bibles should be full of underlinings, thus making them truly their own, so that they can flip to things quickly, etc. Teach them that a weathered, well-used Bible is worth jewels—their highest treasure in their house—the more weathered and dog-eared, the better. And hold out the carrot of inspiration that when they have read the Bible through once, they are now in the top rare few of people in the entire world and in all of history who have ever read the Bible completely through. Make it seem like it is a fabulous, rare accomplishment. Motherhood is all about inspiring them.

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