Bible art for a young child

Bible art for a young child

Renee EllisonMar 16, '22

Two delightful color experiences for a young child are derived from (and reinforce) the great truths of the Bible.  They are:

  1.    Color celebrations around seven magnificent colored displays in the Bible (taken one per day) and
  2.    Creating a Wordless Gospel Booklet in Colors.

Color celebration
A lavish display of color is described in seven notable places in the Bible.  To a child’s delight, he/she finds that God spills splendor over His truths.  To blend a child’s passion for color AND Bible themes together decks those themes with glory for remarkable lifetime “remembering.”  By DRAWING the simple outlines of these forms for your child to fill in, you DRAW wonderful attention to God!

Each piece produces a “masterpiece”—even when the child has very little drawing skill.  All he/she is really doing is filling IN color stripes or color blocks, while his brain takes pictures subconsciously of the truths contained therein.

These are the colorful seven:

  •  rainbow
  • Joseph’s coat
  • The tabernacle drapes
  • The High Priest’s breastplate
  • The foundation stones/layers of the New Jerusalem (see Revelation 21:8-21)
  • A crown
  • A gem

If you are not so keen on your own drawing ability, you can probably find outlines online (email us if you’re really stuck).  If you do sketch them out, yourself, use an entire page for each drawing, making them quite large.

Children may use paints, colored pencils, markers, or crayons to fill them in.  (For more on that, see our blog post on preschool painting and coloring tips.)

Lay them in front of your child, one per day, and watch how MUCH you can discuss WHILE the child fills them in!  You’ll have a captive audience.

Gospel in Colors Booklet
We offer this booklet free with a paid order of hardcopy items, at your request, but you can also make a little book of full colored pages (with no text) to express the gospel stages in a person’s life.  When finished, these are adorable and the children love to feel them, repeatedly look at them, and carry them around in their hip pockets to show their relatives and friends.

The ideal size is made using 3X5 cards.  Attach two together with a strip of electrician’s tape or masking tape between them, leaving a 1/8th inch space (so that it folds easily) and continue to add a card until you obtain four interior surfaces (two cards side by side), and the cover and back binding (of a single card, each).

Once your skeleton booklet is constructed, cover each full page with only one color.  The child may paint the pages, or he may glue colored construction paper to them.  But the most spectacular rendering is to use sticky-backed colored vinyl.  The use of this materials makes the book flash and sparkle with VIVID color.  (Obtain it from a local sign shop by asking for scraps of sticky-backed colored vinyl from the owner’s trash can).  You only need 5 X 6 squares of each in these colors: black, red, white, gold, and primary bright green (emerald color).  Use this last color for both front and back covers by applying it all in one piece by turning the little booklet face down upon the table to expose both sides of the cover.

Teach the child to memorize and say this little poem AS he turns the pages to show his friends and relatives:

My sin is as black as it can be.
It will spoil heaven, said He.

So He covered it up with His own blood red.
He took my place on a cross and bled.

He made me all so clean and white—
Like a star I’ll shine, forever bright.

And go to live where streets are gold—
I’ll be with him for days untold.

And now I grow all strong and green,
Believing in Him whom I’ve never seen.

I feed on his Word to learn what’s right,
and rest in His promises day and night.

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