Avoiding the winter blues

Avoiding the winter blues

Renee EllisonFeb 23, '22
For some (or many) of us, winter is crazy-ville.  At times it can make us feel desperate for relief.  These are 11 things that I have found help.
  1. Have some big winter project: like sorting all the cupboards, closets and drawers-- one a day.

  2. Read through an awesome 700-page book, bit by bit.  (I know, to even read anything is impossible for a mother with small children...but perhaps page by page could work...grabbing snippets of time?)

  3. Master cooking at a deeper level (just can't get to it in the summer).

  4. Sip a good, energizing tea.

  5. Run an ionizer and/or humidifier.

  6. Invite company over to play table games.

  7. Generate some fresh energy from interacting with other people's personalities.

  8. Have fun doing some winter sport.

  9. Get outside for a quick robust walk in the chill with all the children--even with the babies.  In Scotland mothers and nannies have been known to put their babies outside in their prams (carriages/ strollers / perambulators) -- they call it "airing the baby"...and it can be COLD in Scotland!

  10. Put up a graph on the wall and mark your progress on the charts as you increase your indoor exercise repetitions, daily improving/competing against your own best scores.  Have one for each child.

  11. Boost your adrenals.  We function all day in the sympathetic nervous system--which wears out our adrenal glands.  To get into parasympathetic mode, lie on the floor and put your legs up on the couch; your boom-di-ay is snugged up into the base of the couch, and your knees are bent onto the couch's edge.  Stay in that position for about ten minutes.  You get up feeling sooooo refreshed.  You can do this with the children; it is good for settling down the hyperactivity. (A zero-gravity chair is also a winner for this.)
    I know...these are small potatoes suggestions, but they MIGHT help on SOME level.

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