Angel mothers: Gifts of God to the world

Angel mothers: Gifts of God to the world

Renee EllisonApr 8, '20

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Women were designed by God to be uplifters, comforters, supporters, and encouragers—not just to newborns but to all the people who cross her path.   This is not just for mothers; it includes single gals, elderly widows, and everyone in between.  A good, holy woman is incredibly important to the work of God's kingdom; she brings a foretaste of His rich mercy and love to the earth.

Do you know that even the great apostle Paul when he was a grown man was still (at some level) emotionally needy?   We read in the Scriptures that he was kindly nourished by a woman who functioned as a surrogate mother to him.  Here it is: "Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord AND HIS MOTHER, WHO HAS BEEN A MOTHER TO ME, TOO" (Romans 16:13).  The Apostle was acknowledging that both her existence and her acts toward him fulfilled that mother role in his life, further stabilizing him to do that great work of God, designed just for him, that only he could do.

A woman is first and last a nourisher (just like a man was designed by God to be a kind, holy shepherd).  God cares so much about emotional well-being that he sent an angel to NOURISH Christ after his hair-raising, long, relentless, bombastic temptation in the wilderness, and another messenger during His emotional agony in the Garden, which had to have been the greatest emotional struggle ever to be laid upon a human in all time.  Remember today, dear mothers, that you are part angel. 

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