Abortion: What would it look like if the tables were turned?

Abortion: What would it look like if the tables were turned?

Renee EllisonOct 25, '201 comment

What if a newborn baby could talk and, desiring very much to be the most viable person now in the well-lit hospital room, turn to the doctor and say, ”Please now shoot my mother—she is not human!  She wanted me dead and now I want her dead.” 

What if the baby continued its insistence, even paying the doctor to have the “shooting procedure” done, saying, “I now declare, outside the womb, what I have already been sure of inside it: that both my mother and I are fully human.  The only difference between us is size and capacity for speech.  Two adults can have the same differences and yet no one would think of preferring one of those lives over the other.  One person can be short, the other tall—one unable to speak due to throat cancer, the other quite talkative.  But if one adult were to take another adult’s life, that would be called murder.  My mother and I are equal in desire.  I have a desire to live.  She has a desire for me not to live.  I have a desire for her not to live.” 

Despite decades of fiddling around with moral judicial conundrums regarding abortion, courts have never agreed about when life begins.  They‘ve only said it is not at conception—despite that being the very moment at which life does begin, according to the Word of God.  Instead, we have run with moral chaos, and because there are no cultural, moral absolute markers for when a human begins, we have descended into a free fall of opinion.  3 months? 6 months? 9 months? partway through birth? after birth?  Because we couldn’t decide it withIN the womb, we cannot now decide it OUTSIDE of the womb, either.  A recent news item reported that a doctor had declared to the mother, after a failed partial birth abortion (oops, the baby just popped out), “We will just keep the baby warm and comfortable over there on the table while we decide whether to let it live or not.”  Huh?  This should be a terrorizing thought for every child (as it is for every baby in utero).  Is every child’s life potentially now up for grabs via knives, drugs, salination and/or butchering at someone’s whim? 

Sacrificing babies upon the altar of convenience or political intrigue is not a new practice.  One of the pharaohs of Egypt made no pretense of defining when life began. He knew that all babies are human and grow up to be human, and that was a very scary thought to him, so he turned to baby slaughter.  That is why the loving parents of Moses set him in a basket, floating among the bulrushes in the Nile, in hopes of freeing him from the slaughter that all of his peers went through.  His would-be childhood buddies had been pulled apart, torn asunder, were dead on arrival, dead in the rivers, dead.  Centuries later, King Herod, not bothered by arbitrary deliberations as to when a fetus changes into being a human, apparently regarded toddlers as not human yet either; he was wholly “into” the slaying of two-year-olds. 

Throughout the ages, pagans have sacrificed the fruit of their bodies to stony idols, in hopes of appeasing that which is lifeless with a gift of ended life.  Does a stone or a brassy idol give a rip?  This is savage, delusional and barbaric.  Heathens at heart, we, too, have spurned God’s most precious gift to us: new life.  In our case, we don’t give it to a stony idol, or sacrifice it to appease anything.  We just do it for (and to) ourselves.  This is our great cultural auto-immune disease: we are destroying within ourselves the potential of the single avenue of perpetuating the generations.  We care not for the future.  We are apparently content for it to end with us.  We preferred to be the only generation. 

We didn’t want the miraculous, priceless, amazing little bundle of abundant life, unique and irreplaceable.  We didn’t want the future adults they would become, either.  Nor their inventions, their contributions.  We wanted diminishment and death instead.  And money.  We descended into the only direction this could head: into greedy, miserly, ruthless merchants selling body parts in a worldwide organ market.  Though we have a moral responsibility as custodians of yet-to-be-born future adults, housed in our very own bodies, we now jerk them out, cut them up, and sell the pieces. 

Murder is willfully taking another person’s life.  If murder is not that, then what is it?  This is the Sixth Commandment of the timeless moral law of God, and if we disobey the laws of God, do we really think nothing happens as a consequence to us and to our society?  Ever?  Planned Parenthood’s crafty, deceitful words of pro-choice turned out to be slippery ads for pro-murder. 

Let’s call a spade a spade:

  • Partial birth abortion is manslaughter.
  • Post birth abortion is manslaughter.
  • Live baby abortions are manslaughter.
  • Killing small children is manslaughter. (Some have even set the allowable date at 6 years!)
  • Any small fetus abortion is manslaughter. (The fetus has the same number of chromosomes as the adult.  An unobstructed fetus becomes a grown-up, just as a tulip bulb turns into a tulip.  The stage of development is immaterial.) 

We have killed 63 million babies in the US, but did you know that the current total worldwide count is more than one billion?  Yes, one BILLION (source: page 218 of Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger II, 2020).  God’s intricate, sacred works of life/humanity despised.  Trashed.  Gone from the earth.  We sit at 7 billion living people, with 1 billion more dead who could have been living.  The massive accumulated blood of aborted babies now stains the entire earth.  Their blood cries out, wails to God.  Woe to us when His righteous fury breaks out.  Make no mistake, He will come down to kosher His earth. 

This is going to be very painful, end of the world stuff.  Let us run to Him and repent.  Fall upon His mercy and convert not only to Him but to His ways.  Do it now.  Repent, repent, repent.  Repent for our laws, for our callousness, for our looking the other way, for our silence, or for our actual participation in the deed itself, for our defiant indulgence, for the willful sin that caused the existence of an unwanted baby outside of marriage in the first place, and for our greed, for our organ harvesting, for our sanitized butchery, for our staffs to execute it.  We are at an untenable hour before Him. We have repeatedly and copiously spurned the delicate works of His hands and defied His law.  We are “sinners in the hands of an angry God.”  Apart from the merciful redemptive work of Christ, we are sunk.  Oh, cling to Him hurriedly for salvation now, and learn of Him a renewed full out obedience in the little time that remains. 

Swiftly bend the knee, “humble thyself in the sight of the Lord,” for He is now at the door of a far greater Sodom than He ever visited before.

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Joan Miller on Nov 8, '20

Thank you so much for your call to repentance for us all!!

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