A strategy for getting homeschooling on track

A strategy for getting homeschooling on track

Renee EllisonAug 10, '22

The very first place to start is to get those to-do charts up and running for your entire family.  We suggest reading our eBook on How to Make Optimal Homeschooling To-Do Charts.  Print it out, study it from cover to cover, and underline anything you especially want to remember.

Go get some graph paper with half-inch squares (it must be large enough that you/mom can read it ten feet away, at a glance) or make some graph papers and fill them out for each child, as explained in our booklet.  Make one for yourself, too.  And post them all on the outside of a hallway door or wall and hang a pencil on a string right next to it.  I've put scores of women on this program and it has revolutionized their homes and reduced their stress levels because each child carries his own load, both for chores and academic work.  This motivates your children to become high-octane producers, because there is no more dawdling, wondering what to do.  Using the 15-minute chart method, they can race past their peers in every area.

Now go read the rest of the to-do charts eBooklet to acquire easier days than you ever imagined.

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