A quiet lethal sabotage of children that people in the Bible never faced

A quiet lethal sabotage of children that people in the Bible never faced

Renee EllisonJun 2, '21

While believing parents are having wonderful scripturally-based discussions in their living rooms, the children (whom they have farmed off to the bedrooms to get them out of the way and quiet) are being robbed by the media and electronics.  The Devil is totally content with whatever the adults are doing, so long as those adult preoccupations allow him free access to their children.  Make no mistake, he is gleefully in the bedroom/rec room/family room stealing your child.

Some college students these days cannot even track their professors' questions.  Their brains are so fried from 18 years of media-mush to digest the questions, let alone answer them.  That's the brain damage.  We haven't even gotten to the content of what they watch.  The spiritual damage is, of course, far worse.

Recent surveys report that we are losing over 85% of the next generation of the faith.  Something is terribly wrong.  The solution: keep your children with you, just like Abraham did—yes, to hear the vast majority of your discussions.  They can play quietly at your feet or even romp around the room with all the movement they want; they just can't talk or be noisy while adults are trying to communicate meaningfully.  Children can be kept near you at all out-of-the-home social gatherings as well—under your constant wise surveillance and unequaled maturity.  Parents have done this for 5,900 years.  It can be done, contrary to the last generation thinking that would be an impossibility in their own case.  Any children so trained will continue in the faith—having not been brainwashed by dumbed-down religious films, rock music, or by the "air-waves" of secular culture, by having listened, instead, to thousands of mature discussions about their faith.

A child's spirit is alive from birth.  The young spirit will often pick up impressions and influences at a deep level that is far beyond what the mind is yet capable of.  The spirit is trained by what it is absorbing at all times.  Be vigilant.  You cannot redo these years.  What kind of water is the child routinely swimming in, in his fishbowl?  The dank and foul, or water that is refreshed daily and hourly?

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