4 liquid substances that are like liquid gold for homeschool families

4 liquid substances that are like liquid gold for homeschool families

Renee EllisonJan 5, '20

If you have a low thyroid condition, a winning combination is Nascent Iodine and liquid Coleus Forskohlii.  5 drops of each.   (The Coleus Forskohlii helps draw the iodine into the thyroid.)  The thyroid can’t function properly without iodine, and it is seldom found in our food these days. In addition to fueling the thyroid it also wipes out bacteria of all sorts (thus, it’ can be an immune booster), gives energy, and is vital in correcting environmental pollution that hits the thyroid first.

Magnesium oil:
I’ve found that with just one or two drops rubbed into the palm of the hands, life picks up new vitality. It is oily, and feels and smells like sea water. Years ago a physician mentioned to me that in medical school she found she usually could answer every dosage question on her exams with magnesium and pull an A!!! Apparently, magnesium is needed for every metabolic function, and it (rather than calcium alone, as is commonly thought) is helpful in combating osteoporosis.  My hubby is even finding a drop of two of magnesium oil on his hands mitigates the effects of spring allergies.  We all have next to none of this mother lode mineral in our systems, currently. You can put it in your water, soak your feet in it, etc.

 Food grade hydrogen peroxide:
One woman I know puts ¼ tsp in her children’s orange juice every morning and they seldom have colds or flu anymore.  Have stains in clothes or tablecloth?   Drop a drop or two on the site of the spot and scrub it using a toothbrush and then rinse.  Be very careful in the use of the food grade as it can burn your skin.  Always dilute it in juice if taken internally and only a very little goes a long way.  Wear rubber cleaning gloves when using it as a spot remover.  Also wear the gloves when pouring it into smaller glass containers to store in the fridge.  Do this in the sink so it won’t burn your counter if any accidentally spills.

Liquid silver and silver gel:
The liquid structured silver solution is used either internally to combat sickness or externally for skin abrasions, etc. There are two kinds of the gelone includes aloe.  All three items are useful, for first aid.  Source: My Doctor Suggests.

A source for the magnesium oil that you could find helpful in overcoming spring allergies is http://www.globallight.net/ or by phone at 888-236-2108.

ThyroidNascentIodine.com is an online source for the iodine; the website describes what it’s good for.

We have no connection with any of these companies; no doubt there are other sources; these are just the ones we’re aware of.

Disclaimer: We are only sharing our personal experience with these two substances; we make no claims with respect to their efficacy for any purpose whatsoever, and we do not sell them.

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