Where Have You Been?

Teach your young children about geography AND your family heritage.  Where Have You Been?  is a personal travels icebreaker that has multiple benefits.  Your house guests/ visitors/ company/ relatives can make a significant contribution to expanding your children's understanding of geography, all while having fun themselves.  This is a means for your children to learn about friends and family inter-generationally, who have lived and traveled both near and far from your home.

Try these fun interesting ice-breaker questions on your guests. When they answer, have your children attach pieces of sticky notes to that place on your large wall or table maps of the world and the USA (or whatever your nation and region are).  If you need some good maps, download our two already-formatted full-color ledger size printable maps from this free item here at our store.  If your maps are table maps, then you could also use buttons, rocks, pennies, board game pieces etc. to place on the various locations that your guests share.


List of topics each person may choose from: 

  1. It’s the furthest I’ve e­ver been from my home.
  2. My most intense experience was there.
  3. It’s my favorite memory-place.
  4. My longest stay away from home was here.
  5. My most significant friendship was made there.
  6. It’s the prettiest spot I’ve ever been.
  7. It has the worst traffic I’ve ever seen.
  8. Best food anywhere (except at home).
  9. It’s the first city I ever visited outside my country.
  10. I’m still in touch with someone there.
  11. My most life-changing experience was there.
  12. I’d return there in a heartbeat.

The concept is simple (and brand new, only from Homeschool How-Tos) and the price is right!  A great way to train young children to love and respect their elders.


How it works: 

  • The key to it is the starting list of a dozen topics.  The leader asks each participant to choose a question and run with it.
  • Optional (if you don't have maps handy): Download this Word file to save for printout single-sided ledger size (11x17") in full color, ideally (but not necessarily) on cardstock paper.  2 pages.  
  • Use the unique game pieces you already have, or sticky notes, or select some penny-sized individually distinct stones to mark your travels on the US and world maps.