What? I Have to Fix Dinner Again?!

Six encouraging meditations on the seeming drudgery of fixing meal after meal; reverses the bondage of fast-food restaurant quicksand and presents freeing new approaches to stepping into your kitchen. 30 pages. Read the table of contents.

Also, a simple weekly formula to help you run ahead to make dinner before the dread of it unmakes you. A redeeming lift to both veteran homemakers and new cooks.

Packed with kitchen efficiency tips: attitudes, tools, food preparation tips, and more! Includes three large dynamite quotes to put up in your kitchen to keep you inspired.

This is an eBook that you download, view and print from your device.  Or, order this in the digital form of the Kitchen Tips bundle.  Or, order the Kindle version, which includes a bonus section about green smoothies.

This content is also covered by audio CD #18 in Renee’s homeschool how-to CD’s (one of the ordering options listed below).  See also the MP4 video of Kitchen Efficiency Tips.

Mrs. Garcia in Albuquerque, NM wrote: “I have benefited greatly from your information. Mealtime has gotten better around my home.”