Teach Grammar Faster (e-Book)

Shape up your sentences!  Teach grammar in one afternoon by drawing a geometric shape around each word. This spikes right-brained recall, amazingly. In addition, you will learn fool-proof tips for conquering numerous stubborn grammatical and spelling problems. Smart study skills are also featured here. Learn how to learn in half the time. Get superior academic results with less effort. All of these easy “get-ahead” strategies can be taught from 3rd grade on up. You will be delighted by what you’ll learn, as an adult, right along with your child. Oh, that all past schooling could have been this easy.

Also includes Action Academics: a foolproof way to conquer 13 stubborn academic problems—errors made repeatedly by adults—little problems that make a big difference. Want your child to spell to, too and two the right way every time from now on? Your children can master them, and they’ll stay mastered. Give your child this lasting academic confidence. This little compilation of 13 ditties does it! Simple to memorize—tough to forget. Compiled by an exasperated high school English teacher who wanted these problems conquered for life at the elementary level. This is a 20 page e-Book for you to print out at your own computer. Read the table of contents.

Want it in print?  This is chapter 6 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool.   I Also, much of this content (except for the Action Academics) is included in the Kindle version of this title.