Sure Financial Steps for Beginners (e-Book)

A person’s very first financial maneuvers and strategies are critical to having money for the rest of one’s life, instead of losing it. Whether your own serious “financial beginning” started yesterday or today, taking the right steps makes a huge difference later on. If the trajectory of an initial rocket-launch to the moon is off by just a foot, it will miss the moon by miles. So, too, with personal finances. The foundation is everything. Each step either builds a successful enduring base or tears it down. This book is loaded with financial wisdom that is practical, easy to understand, and simple to implement today. No ivory tower financial “theory.” Joe Blow can do each of these strategies, without anyone holding his hand, and can see his own sure results soon.  Read the table of contents.

Start by reading this e-Book’s sterling quotes from historical financial whizzes, written over the past hundred years, to see what thoughts got them there. And then learn the four “down home” strategies to get you financially solvent as soon as possible, regardless of your current condition.

You will recover the cost of this title thousands of times over, just by implementing the first principle. The bonus section at the end is a must-read for an adolescent who wants to acquire financial success and keep it—unlike the vast majority of the past generation who seem to be angling to die broke.

40-page downloadable e-Book. The Kindle version is 276 KB.