In Dire Straits? How to wrench your family out of financial catastrophe

Strategies for making and managing money when you’re in the eye of a financial storm. 43 pagesRead the table of contents-- it is included below.

If your finances are a wreck, you may be in the eye of a financial storm. Even though you may feel momentarily peaceful and have resolved your matters for the present hour, something got you into this trouble and the same dynamics are about ready to hit you again in full force. Financial catastrophe comes in waves—it slaps you like a wet towel over and over again. Your stomach goes from sheer terror, to deluded or imagined calm, to sheer terror again. This is no way to live. There are solid, strong financial principles that when immediately and consistently applied can quickly move you out of this state. It is our hope that this booklet will give you the tools to change your reality, so that you can begin to feel a difference in your stomach.

A 19th century New England pastor wrote, “Character, for the most part, is determined by one’s relations to money. Find out how one gets, saves, spends, gives, lends, borrows, and bequeaths money, and you have the character of the man in full outline.” In this booklet you will read about strategies for getting, saving, spending, and managing money.

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Table of Contents:

Part I: Managing Money (Page 1)

You were meant to have a harvest
The winning formula
Earning money produces character
Layer your income streams 
Get focused
Tight course corrections and evaluations
Give it everything it takes
You don’t have to work like this forever
Do what you do best! 
Mobilize the entire family 
Mom, administrate; don’t do the manual work yourself 
Allocating limited resources/ Rent first, food second 
Stay out of debt: It’s a waltz with plastic
Business detail savvy 
Thoughts from David Bach’s book, Start Late: Finish Rich 
Quotes from David Ramsey’s Financial University

Part II: Making Money (Page 26)

Capturing impulse-buying money 
Types of jobs that flourish in difficult conditions
The excellencies of pursuing manual labor? 
Father-Son Fix-It Team 
The Bread Business 
Ripe businesses 
Additional business ideas

Part III: Conclusions (Page 38)

Some probing final questions 
Munger’s quote taken apart and examined
Suggestions for further reading