Homeschool How-tos Audio Compendium

Audio homeschool how-tos by Renée Ellison on a reusable 8 GB or 16GB flash drive.  More than 82 hours.  Contains 188 audio recording files, in half-hour chunks for your ease of listening.

You will receive more than 4.5GB of audio recordings in MP-3 file format on a handy reusable jump drive -- or via 3 download links we manually create and send you in 3 batches (because it is so voluminous) via an email from  You can read the table of contents (21-page index; included with your order so you can select just which topic you want to hear today.  The thumb drive is compatible with all USB ports.

Especially if your shipping address is outside the US, you may prefer that we send you all of these MP3 audio files via three download links via an email you receive from  WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER, NOTE YOUR CHOICE: THUMB DRIVE OR DOWNLOADABLE.  The first download link has the two table of contents files and the first 83 of the half-hour audio segments (they are sequenced to run by the # order but you could of course can jump in anywhere).  Two more WeTransfers would follow, for the total of 188 audio segments, amounting to ca. 83 hours.  If you choose this route, send us an email as soon as you've placed your order, telling us to send it via WeTransfer.  The price will be the same, but no shipping or handling charge.  It will take some time at your end and ours, for us to upload and you to download.  We recommend you create a folder on your device for HSHTs audio by Renee (or something like that) so you can sort the files and select which one you want to hear next.