Bach and Rembrandt Biographies (audio CD)

The inspiring true stories of two masters, as popularly told by Renée Ellison in schools. Includes musical excerpts. A Christian perspective on the great German composer and the Dutch painting genius. Fascinating!

Tracks 1-9 are the story of J. S. Bach (48 minutes). Tracks 10-12 are about Rembrandt (24 minutes).

The secretary to Christopher Parkening wrote to one of our customers after listening to this CD of the history of Bach: “We really enjoyed listening to it, and learned some things we didn’t know before about this great musician and man of God.”

Descriptive list of the tracks on this CD:

  1. Bach’s birth
  2. [“We Hasten…” music] What Bach was / his musical accomplishments
  3. [Organ toccata music] Bach as a composer
  4. [Swingle Singers music excerpt] Bach’s childhood
  5. [a fugue] Bach’s employment with Duke Wilhelm
  6. [flute solo] Henrietta arrives/ Bach leaves Prince Leopold
  7. [vocal solo: “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded”] Bach at Thomasschule; old age; blindness
  8. [vocal solo with piano: “My Heart, Ever Faithful”] Anna Magdalena
  9. What we can learn from the character of J. S. Bach

    The Story of Rembrandt

  10. Intro / his eyes
  11. Precious items in his house; his debt; childhood
  12. Heindricke / Rembrandt’s powers of focus/ work ethic