Wish You Could Sew? Invaluable sewing tips

Wish you could sew? Here you have it: invaluable sewing tips for beginners!

If you want to learn to sew, you don’t want to be without this beginner sewing primer. Outstanding strategies get you launched in all the right ways. Scores of invaluable tips keep you from pitfalls and super charge all your beginning efforts. It would take you years to learn these tips if they weren’t handed to you on this silver platter…in this little “easy to read and understand” missive. Your mother and grandmother will wish they had known these simple tips decades ago. Start your skill with advantages they didn’t have. Includes a comprehensive checklist at the end of basic skills so that you can check them off as you master them… showing you at all times just exactly where you are in your climb to sewing stardom. This winsome simple manual will inspire and keep you on the fast track to speedy success as you, at last, get your wish: learning how to sew.

This is great for launching a rank beginner positively; attitudes, pitfalls, and winning ways and thoughts. The checklist of skills will keep you on the fast track to speedy success in learning how to sew. 15-page e-Book.  Read the table of contents.