Drive and Shine: Car detailing business manual

This nifty little car detailing how-to manual can put your son or daughter in business by nightfall. Includes a list of equipment needed, a procedure checklist to ensure that they do everything the same way every time they clean a vehicle, marketing information (including advice about which markets have proved to be the best), pre-made ads, and a business card (all they do is photocopy them). For junior high and high school ages. 36 pages. Read the table of contents.

Great for guys & girls! They’ll always have work, because they can always find dirty cars. This formula for success will save them hundreds of mistakes. They’ll earn your money back when they do their first car. And what a bonus! They can practice on your own family car or van!

Also available as an eBook—and if you order it in that format we’ll attach a separate file of business forms that you can modify for your own use! Or, order this print version, and email us to request for that bonus file (in Word, if your email server can receive a large file; or a modifiable PDF file).