Training Terrific Tots

You too can be Training Terrific Tots.   There is more to raising a young child than feeding him.  Children need materials for developing their minds and spirits, too.  Here are 50 ways to occupy and delight preschoolers, while at the same time growing their I.Q.‘s, using things you already have in your home.  Your young children will be tickled pink that you have read these ideas for triggering the brain of a young child with preschool pizzazz.  This is a 40-page e-Book.  Read the table of contents. 

Want the printed version?  This is chapter 13 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool.  

A reader’s review:
Mrs. Webb of New Jersey wrote, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  This book has me all fired up with ideas. I’m thinking of trying to put together some of these “boxes” she speaks of for summertime fun! Ellison gives you a plethora of ideas that can be contained within small boxes (over 40 ideas), so that you can pull one down off a shelf per day, and not repeat one box in a month! I can honestly say that this would change our household.  Essentially, she advocates that our kids have too much stuff and too much screen time and too much exposure to the world.  She posits that we should feed the brain when they are young with mind-building fun.  Out of all the ideas, there are only a few that I do not see as appealing to my family; however, now that I see the concept, I already have a few ideas for my own boxes! I simply canNOT wait to start applying this idea.  Finally, I want you to know that the ideas contained in this book could be applied to almost all elementary aged children; I see a lot of these applying to multiple age levels, not just my littlest people.  Check this out; you won’t be sorry!”