Kindergarten Songs and Rhythms (audio CD)

Enjoy this sweet, calming music for families with young children. Music plays a beautiful role in a godly home—especially, music that exalts the Lord and His way, and especially, when it is sung by us ourselves (i.e., it passed through our own brains, lungs, and vocal chords) rather than by turning up the volume dial. It is especially sweet when the melody predominates, not the beat, and when the melody suits the subject. Dad’s voice can be a good part of it, as well as Mom’s. As an encouragement toward singing sweet worshipful music in your home, here are over 50 short songs for nursery and kindergarten-age children. Click here to see the words on the CD case insert. And, click here to listen to one of the songs online.

The focus of these songs (recorded a half century ago) is children around ages 3 to 6—but we think you will find that as you listen to these over and over, they will settle nicely in your spirit, no matter your age. 52 minutes; MP3 file format, on 1 audio CD. Compiled Margaret L Crain and sung by Dilys Jones (soprano) and John Minter (baritone) in the 1950s, with autoharp, handbells, flute, organ and piano. The songs are from the songbook, Kindergarten Songs and Rhythms (Philadelphia: Judson Press, c1954).