A Godly Way to Share the Birds and the Bees

How to share the facts of life with a young child.  Knowing these thoughtful, progressive stages of revelation will give you confidence and make you glad to be the one who gets to share accurate and appropriate information about human sexuality with your child.

The expanded version is available as a handy small-size (6x9") glue-bound 68-page paperback book or (same content, letter-size) in a downloadable/printable 58-page eBook, now including The Story of Life, first published in 1933, written by Ellis Wilbur Whiting, which "instills respect and reverence for parenthood" and offers “the exact words … to simplify the difficult and delicate task of explaining the story of life to the child.” It provides a way for parents to explain to young children how babies are created and to answer questions about the mystery of human reproduction. That book is now in the public domain and is not otherwise available new.