Show Notes Cello Book 1: Learn to read music

Wish you could crack the code to reading bass clef? Tired of relying on your ear? Learn the easy way! With the note names embedded in the large, easy to read note heads, they’re there to help you every beat. Book 1 is designed for beginners (adults or children)--no shifting or extensions required and goes well as a companion to Suzuki Book 1 (or after finishing Suzuki Book 1). Start reading music today by playing fun, familiar tunes! Show Notes music is arranged by a cello teacher, so there are no surprises from a publisher who doesn't understand the instrument.  Softbound volume, letter size, 63 pages.  View the table of contents for Show Notes for Cello, Book 1: Learn to Read Music.

Also useful if you're starting to learn to read bass clef as a piano student--and good for someone who plays the trombone, the bassoon, the baritone, etc.