Character Traits Coloring Book and Songs

Take a break, mom.  Your children can color and sing their way to more noble character! You get 48 “get-you-to-think” coloring pages, 48 “stick-with-you” songs (professionally recorded, with large-print lyrics), and 48 object lessons to drive each point home. 97 pages, with 60 minutes of songs on an audio CD. Read the table of contents.

The 97-page coloring book contains pictures of animals and words that actually look and act like the trait they describe. Includes a memory verse for each character trait (New International Version; see the other ordering option, using King James Version). We give permission to the buyer to make extra pages for your family or for others you teach.

Each song is a catchy advertisement for maximum ways of doing things and relating to people. Contagious, foot-tapping powerful one-liners, ready to grab when you need them most in life, about determination, grumbling, gratefulness, joyfulness, love, procrastination, etc. Just the kind of catchy ads you want your kids to sing! Get double use of the follow-along song words for character training while your children use them for practicing their typing or penmanship, too. The songs audio CD is 58 minutes.

Also!  Bonus free 76-page downloadable PDF eBook available for you to download after you have purchased the coloring book and audio.  Contents: large print words to the songs, and scripture memory verses in both New International Version and King James Version translations.

Listen to the Punctuality song sample. This is a catchy, quick, quintessential song about punctuality. The words are: “I’ve got p-p-p-punctuality! That means I’m there on time. I plan a little extra to get there in my prime.”

(Note: the coloring book is also available as an electronic file that we can mail you on a CD: all of the pictures and text, as PDF files, for just $8. This gives you the option of selecting whichever of the 48 songs you choose; printing out the corresponding character trait picture to color); printing out the large print words to the 48 songs; and printing out a dozen pages of memory verses about those traits – in either King James or New International Version. Buy one, along with the standard separate CD of the 48 Character Traits songs, and use it for all the people in your domain!) For all the different ways to order this, go to the Child Training/Character tab, but most people just get this option right here!

Don't have a way to play an audio CD?  No problem.  Email us right after you've placed your order for the Character Traits hard copy book and songs CD, and ask us to send you the mp3 files instead.  No extra charge.  Instead of including the regular cda audio cd we'll send the 48 song tracks/files to you via

Have a Kindle reader? Order the rhymes and the object lessons Kindle-formatted eBooks. They are no substitute for the entire thing, as described above, but are offered to serve a particular need.

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