Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-Book)

Mom, here is a pair of books to fuel your own devotions. Buy the book of 219 pictures from Genesis to Revelation (from Headwaters Christian Resources, or at Amazon), and then get this 58-page eBook for insights into the artwork.

In the engraved sketches by Gustave Doré (1832-1883) we see one of the most ex­tensive collections of Biblical artwork ever produced: 219 pieces that cover Biblical scenes from Genesis to Revelation, sequentially. Remember how excited you were to see Bible pic­tures or flannel-graphs as a child? Here, now, is equally exciting visual material for grown-ups, delivered with far more sophistication and subtlety.

Down through history, some great artists have left us a few masterpieces on Biblical themes, and we’ve seen a few more Biblical pictures emerge from modern publish­ers of children’s Bibles, but the colossal output of Doré’s Biblical work is staggering in compari­son. If it takes a reader months to look through them at any depth, con­sider how long it would have taken to produce them in wood, scratch by scratch. If one ponders these works slowly and carefully, picture by picture, detail by detail, they deliver rich new insights upon Biblical themes.

The picture book: [1] The Doré-Britton Gallery: The Biblical story in 219 color images (Englewood, Colo.: Headwaters Christian Resources, 2016; illustrations by William Britton; text by Joe Anderson and Tim Nichols) (website: )

The price here is for Renee’s 58-page commentary only.