How to Be Very Nearly Perfect Grandparents

How to be very nearly perfect grandparents: Ideas for surprises and delights. Creative ideas for grandparents to use on their grandchildren. Adds more fun and influence than you ever thought imaginable. Grandparents make a difference. Your input in their young lives is terribly important. Learn how to wield that influence optimally. So armed with these tools, time with you will be irresistible!

This is an 11-page PDF e-Book, and is also formatted for reading on a cell phone, tablet or Kindle Reader (your choice of .epub or .kpf).  Read the table of contents.  Includes senior in-law etiquette for how to best relate to your grown children (the parents of your grandchildren). How to tactfully show non-controlling love to your own adult children once they are married. Many “aha” thoughts here, which will save much wear and tear on these lifetime relationships.

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