Renée’s Softcover How-tos Books Bundle

Save over 12% on this book bundle, and — more important — bless yourself and your family with the rich content inside.  These are especially good for homeschooling moms and grandmas, particularly if you have young children or grandchildren.  Nine of Renée’s softcover paperback how-to books: a total of well over a thousand pages of practical writing.

                Titles (and links to online descriptions):

Stock #        Title                                                # pages          Regular pricing

113          Teachers’ Secrets/Motherhood Savvy     (236 pages; regularly $14.95)

120          Razor Sharp Teaching Tips       (168 pages; usually $9.95)

19            Beyond Discipline: Train your child's character (102 pages; $5.95)

41            Impossible Evolution               (68 pages; $5.00)

30            Teach Children Bible Doctrine    (114 pages; $12.00)

40            A Godly Way to Share the Birds and the Bees    (62 pages; $6.50)

24            Woman: Crown jewel of Creation or radical feminist   (112 pages; $8.50)

114          Wise Womanly Ways to Grow Your Marriage    (151 pages; $9.95)

124          Savvy Teens          (141 pages: $6.50)

Total: 1,154 pages.  If bought separately at our always low regular prices, the total cost of these 9 books would be $79.25.