Homeschool Advantages: Spiritual, social and academic

Just starting to homeschool?  If you are a Christian and have children, this is for you. It's a succinct compilation of fundamental reasons to homeschool—including some you may have not considered before. Not only will it buttress your personal resolve to either start homeschooling (or continue homeschooling with deeper conviction), it will also give you excellent fodder to answer all those naysayers among your relatives and friends. It includes a rather staggering list of famous people who have been homeschooled throughout history (and a list of famous public school failures), which will even further validate your decision to take this important step with your family. You don’t want to home school without having these “no-regrets-concepts” firmly under your belt. You will never find them more succinctly or convincingly stated.  Read the table of contents.

This is a veteran homeschool mom’s thoughts for parents who are considering educating their children at home—or who are already homeschooling and need a boost. It includes a brief discussion of the socialization question for homeschoolers.  Listen to Renee quickly describe this free eBook.  Home education enables students to attain the higher-level critical thinking and reading skills that are essential for standing strong in godliness and living righteously in a culture of diverse and contradictory opinions. Homeschooling facilitates a rightly ordered life, allows parents to teach their religious and moral convictions, and has historically been shown to provide the best education for a child.

This is chapter 1 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool. 

Want to listen to Renee describe the first part of this topic?  Listen to her podcast about the benefits of homeschooling.