The Two Most Common Homeschooling Academic Pitfalls

A growing number of homeschoolers are falling into academic ditches, of one extreme or another.  Find out what the two most common ditches areand how to stay out of them.

Reading this will keep you from academic traps that have ensnared many to their sorrow, too late.  Some parents are not schooling at all (supposedly un-schooling), while others are making academics their god (idolatry), and there’s every sort of schooling in between.

Find out what a perfect “Garden of Eden” education is supposed to look like, and how to get there.  There were two trees in the garden—two sorts of education.  One led to destruction, the other to bliss.  This 37-page eBook could be your passport to educational heaven.  Parent teachers need this information, because the traps are subtle—very subtle.  Read the table of contents.

This is chapter 16 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool.