Wise Womanly Ways to Grow Your Marriage

Wives, want a way to improve your marriage, without changing your circumstances one iota? Then this book is for you: Wise Womanly Ways.  Dig your roots down deep in some different thinking and you can be flowering in new directions in no time.  Snuggled up next to your man, just as he is, like two dormant bulbs in the mystery of marriage, you’ll split a crust of earth, changing landscapes together.

In this book you will see that marriage is the triumph of the right kind of thinking, not of having a perfect spouse.  Grab this treasure trove of happy new insights and get ready to bloom. Nestle in for some “aha” moments.  Experience the difference in your marriage by nightfall.

150 pages, softcover. Click here to read the preface.  This is also available formatted for reading on a cell phone, tablet or Kindle Reader (your choice of .epub or .kpf). 

This book is an infusion of uplifting, sometimes mind-boggling thoughts to help you, as a wife, improve your marriage through your efforts alone.  It is written by an older woman in her 60’s to younger women, based on the timeless marriage principles found in Titus 2.  Read the table of contents.

ISBN-10: 0974945595
ISBN-13: 978-0-9749455-9-0

A reader’s review of this book:
Mrs. Fauth of Colorado calls this an “encouraging book to strengthen any marriage,” and wrote, “Mrs. Ellison wrote a powerful book encouraging wives in our attitude towards our husband in marriage. Such a good reminder of Biblical principles that should be learned to have a flourishing marriage. The principles must be learned because none of us, with our own selfish nature, natually want to put another before ourselves consistently. Instead of encouraging us to see our husband as needing us to fix him, it’s a reminder that’s not our job. We can only ‘fix’ our own life and through that (and prayer) reach our husband. It’s freeing to know that ‘Marriage is a constant process of growing and becoming something together, something that you would never become alone.’ It does not glorify husbands or wives, but provides clarity to both sexes and the way to relate with each other.

If you need encouragement either for a struggling marriage or want to make a good one even better, this is a book for you.

I have five daughters and will encourage all of them to read this book as they approach marriage to understand the heart and mind of their future husband better and how the difference between us is truly a blessing, not a curse. This would make a great engagement gift or gift to have on hand for a friend needing a encouragement.

After being married 17 years, it’s helped me examine myself and see what I need to do to make our marriage better…being a true help mate as my husband needs it - his way, not mine. This is a book that will come off the shelf regularly so I can be reminded of its message.

The letters at the end of the book from Mr Ellison to husbands were helpful too. I will ask my husband to read them to understand my heart better.

Humor is woven throughout [the book] to make it enjoyable and not too heavy. Overall, this was an easy-to-read book with relationship-changing teaching.”

Another reader’s comments:
Mrs. Pogue of Texas calls this “one of the best books on marriage I’ve read!” and wrote, “This precious book has such simple wisdom on relating the marriages that we must strive for today, with the marriage standards of the Bible. Truly respecting our husbands and properly submitting to them are only possible through Christ’s Grace, and Mrs. Ellison does an amazing job of explaining how to walk in that Grace and gain the rewards of Him making our marriages stronger! An EXCELLENT easy read, but heart-changing book on marriage.”