Ten Commandments picture booklet

The Ten Commandments, learned via memory-hook pictures!  This very small (2.75" x 4.25") cleverly folded booklet (made from one 8" and 1/2" by 11" page that you fold yourself with no glue or staples) can be yours for free. 

Not many people today know the Ten Commandments down pat, but YOU can.  Learn them in a flash, by associating the number with the commandment.

For example, the 6th (do not kill; more accurately, do not murder) is a deadly snake, coiled and ready to strike.  The 4th (remember the Sabbath) is a church pew.

Now, small enough to tuck the tract of them in your pocket or easy enough to just retain in your mind. 

Permission granted to copy, share, and freely give out to all your friends and relatives.