Waiting for Mr. Right?

Waiting for Mr. Right? How do you maximize you in the meantime?

How to “think and do” if Mr. Right doesn’t show up for awhile—or never at all. This booklet is all about enlarging your horizons, possibilities and perspectives for this important chapter of your life. The one consideration of “where is my future mate” can be gathered into living a fuller life right now, as well as then. You can have two complete lives. “Productive-waiting” is different from “wistful-waiting.” Learn what makes the difference.

Includes inspiring stories of singles who have changed history, singlehandedly. This eBook helps you get your eyes on the prize of living a fully mature spiritual life, in every chapter—a life that will count for eternity, no matter what its circumstantial parameters. No doubt you’ll be stimulated to think some new thoughts, if not carry away some substantial mental blessings. The audience of this booklet is post-high school single Christian ladies. 9 pages. Read the table of contents.