The Right Stuff for Homeschooling (e-Book)

Spare yourself the expense and academic waste of both time and energy by choosing just the right materials for all your subjects (math, reading, writing, art, history, geography, Bible, science, smart thinking, foreign languages, etc).  What to look for, and types of curriculum NOT to buy.  Includes our homeschool how-tos on Penmanship, Academic Checklist, and How to Ignite the Love of Writing.  Also includes a printing chart and a description of a typical day of home education.  For teachers of K through 12 (especially elementary).  This is sure to save you hassle.  This is a 36-page e-Book for you to read and print out at your own computer.  Read the table of contents.  If you have a Kindle reader, you can order the version that is formatted for your Kindle reader.  Want it in print?  This is chapter 4 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool. 

This title is a companion to our Item #7, 12 Amazing Brain Triggers.  That title covers how to teach; The Right Stuff one gives you a plan for the optimal materials to use.