Savvy Teens (book)

Serious homeschoolers are raising the bar on teen potential!  Today’s savvy teens are applying biblical principles of manhood and womanhood to living their lives.  Great persons of character in generations of old bring light to bear on what those Bible-based principles looked like, historically.  Being a successful teen is more about how you act — how you live out who you are — than about how you look or how you present yourself to the world.  If you are a godly teenager it is probably because your parents have not been raising *a child* — they have been guiding and growing a maturing man/woman of God. 

This 141-page book provides tips from the ages for living as a person of unusual success and God-pleasing character.  It includes checklists for godly young men and godly young women, holiness checklists, and thoughts for preparing for marriage.  It includes the content of our eBooks #s 29 (Lost Treasures from Men of Character), 37 (A Challenge for Graduating Seniors), 38b and 38b (Godly DaughterGodly Son checklists). 39 (Wesley's Holiness Checklist), 48, (How Not to Waste Your Youth), 70 (Waiting for Mr. Right), and 71 (How a Young Man Can Optimally Prepare for Marriage).

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Plus, email us to request a bonus pdf file as a free add-on to your order when you order this book from Homeschool How-Tos: a 19-page downloadable printable PDF file of the checklists for godly daughters, godly sons, and personal holiness.